USS Y-28

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USS Y-28
Name USS Y-28
Propulsion Enterprise diesel [1]

USS Y-28 was a Yard Oiler assigned to the United States Navy's Service Force Pacific Fleet during World War II.

The Y-28 was built as a pleasure craft for a group of US Army officers, and was transfered to the Navy's Service Force at the onset of World War II.

In his autobiography, The Chances of a Lifetime, C. LeRoy Wilhelm described the Y-28:

It was an unusual little ship with a very unusual history. A group of peacetime Army officers had decided that they needed a ship for parties, fishing cruises, etc. In order to have it built, the ship must at least have the appearance of being able to perform a justifiable function, so they came up with a little seagoing tanker built to look and perform as nearly like a high-powered pleasure yacht as possible.

When the war broke out, they decided that, for lack of a covey of gunboats to keep the submarines away, they'd better leave the sea travel to the Navy. So the Army transferred title of the little ship to the Navy's service force.

The 28 was a real luxury item, with the living and service quarters all finished off in rare hardwood, lots of bright metal work and state rooms enough to accommodate all those with authority from the Captain down to the Second Class Petty Officers. Everything on the ship was luxury, from the pilot wheel on the bridge to the big "Enterprise" diesel engine that graced the engine room.

The log of the USS Kyne (DE-744) from 12 June 1944 contains these references to Y-28:

1353 Moored alongside USS Richard S. Bull (DE-402) at DE Dock #2, Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor, T. H.
1713 Yard oiler Y-28 came alongside to provide fuel.
1902 Fuelling completed Y-28 cast off and stood clear. [2]

Known Crew

  • Captain Smith
  • Captain S. D. Skinner (replaced Captain Smith)
  • Chief Machinist's Mate Norris
  • First Class Machinist's Mate C. L. Wilhelm (promoted to Chief Machinist Mate while serving on the Y-28, replacing Chief Norris)
  • Second Class Bosun's Mate Richey

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