Ruth Naomi Wilhelm

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Ruth Naomi Wilhelm
Born June 25, 1925
Vernon, Apache, Arizona
Died February 25, 1933
Father Zemira George Wilhelm
Mother Alice Geneva LeSueur

Ruth Naomi Wilhelm (June 25, 1925 - February 25, 1933)


Ruth was born June 25, 1925. Ruth is a half-sister of Andy, Roy, Marion and Harvey Wilhelm. Her parents, Z. George Wilhelm and Alice LeSueur Crosby Wilhelm, were living in Vernon, Arizona at the time of her birth.

She was a beautiful child, but sickly. (Her brother Roy told that she had Down Syndrome and thyroid trouble.) During her short seven years of life, Ruth traveled all over the West, as her father took her to medical specialists. Ultimately they were unable to help her. She passed away from pneumonia in the winter of 1933, and is buried in the St. Johns Cemetery.



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