Lydia Hannah Draper

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Lydia Hannah Draper
Lydia Hannah Draper Wilhelm.JPG
Born October 4, 1848
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Died October 28, 1912
St. Johns, Apache, Arizona
Father Zemira Draper
Mother Amy Terry
Spouse(s) Bateman Haight Wilhelm

Lydia Hannah Draper (October 4, 1848 - October 28, 1912)



Lydia Hannah Draper was born October 4, 1848 in Salt Lake City, Utah and died October 28, 1912 in St. Johns, Arizona.

Zemira and Amy Draper arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in late September, 1848, at the end of the long trail from Nauvoo, Illinois as part of the 1848 Brigham Young Company. About two weeks later, the Drapers' fourth child was born. They named her Lydia, after her grandmother Lydia Lathrop Draper, who had died shortly after they were driven from Nauvoo. The family soon moved further south and helped settle the town of Draper, Utah. They also lived for a time in Alpine and Rockville.

In 1864, 16-year-old Lydia married 21-year-old Bateman Haight Wilhelm, with whom she had seven children. Bateman later married a second wife, a widow named Grace, who bore him six children. The two families helped establish the towns of Rockville, Mount Carmel and Orderville in Utah, and Concho in Arizona.

When Bateman fled to Mexico because of anti-polygamy laws, Lydia stayed behind in Concho to continue homesteading. Eight years later, Bateman came back to Lydia in Arizona. In the early 1900s, they spent some time living in Silver City, New Mexico, where Bateman died and was buried. At some point after Bateman's death, Lydia moved back to St. Johns.

Lydia lived to be 64 years old, and lived to know the births of more than two dozen of her grandchildren. She died October 28, 1912 and was buried in the St. Johns Cemetery in St. Johns, Arizona.


Bateman Haight Wilhelm and Lydia Hannah Draper had the following children:

Bateman Haight Wilhelm, Jr.

Lydia Isora Wilhelm

Clarissa Isabell Wilhelm

Zemira George Wilhelm

Amy Elnora Wilhelm

Fanny Marilla Wilhelm

John Benjamin Wilhelm



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